We provide design and implementation of drinking water treatment units for homes, o­ces, embassies, banks, villas, apartments, villages, resorts and residential complexes through:

  • Household lters.
  • Central processing and desalination units.
  • Water plants for ltration and desalination of well and sea water for all works, whatever their capacity and productivity.
  • Boiler treatment units (chemicals and sufentr units).
  • Purication units and lters or desalination units with RO system for farms.
  • Complete treatment plants for mineral water plants.
  • Complete treatment plants for chemical plants, detergents and medicines.
  • Distilled water units TDS ZERO.
  • Operation and maintenance of treatment and desalination plants and provision of spare parts.
  • Mobile desalination plants for use in remote areas.
  • Water treatment plants for hospitals for normal use and medical uses (dialysis units, distillation …).
  • Filtration and sterilization units in swimming pools.


  • All types of cargo (sand – carbon active.
  • Ultraviolet Water Sterilization Systems (U.V).
  • Crusher ‑lters of all types 10-20-30-40.
  • Carbon ‑lters to remove chlorine, odors, color and organic matter.
  • Sand ‑lters to remove impurities, sand, and plankton.
  • All types of headers (head control).
  • Salt tablets for your activation process.
  • Specialty chemicals.
  • Spare parts and chemicals used in water, sewage and industrial treatment plants.
  • Chemical Injection Systems (Injection Pumps).
  • Membrane membrane for all types of RO devices.
  • Filters for removal of iron and manganese.
  • Water softeners.
  • Liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets.
  • Filters for swimming pools.